Red Wedding Dresses

The symbolic meaning of the white wedding gown begins to fade into the past, some brides opt for a dress that is more true to their own self-expression or of something they believe in.

In many countries, red is a symbol of love. For some brides, the choice of red wedding dresses is mostly cosmetic: they look good in red and want to stand out in the warm, vibrant color on their wedding day. Some wear red for its symbolic meaning of love and commitment, or of marriage and motherhood. Other women may choose it for traditional reasons relating to their cultural background. For whatever reason, the red wedding dress is here to stay.

In a word, red is more proper for the free-spirited heart. By going full color with a red wedding dress you are putting a dramatic touch to your wedding. Red wedding dresses can wow a crowd if worn with pride and elegance. Since you choose the color of red, you should be confident and let it witness your future happiness.

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